Top 10 Shopify Apps To Help Your Sales In 2017

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We have recently made a list of the top 10 Shopify marketing apps in 2017 to grow your store. The natural step is to give you an overview of the most popular Shopify apps from the sales category.

Shopify sales apps are fantastic tools to motivate purchases, recover abandoned carts and make them consistent, push notifications, do cross-sells, or create subscription programs. All of this is to ultimately boost your sales and profit.

Top 10 Shopify Sales Apps In 2017

1. Sales Pop Shopify Sales App

Sales Pop is yet another successful app from Beeketing studio. Over 3000 users said in reviews that it improved their conversions, improved customer motivation and boosted sales energy of their site. What does this app take care of? It helps to display purchase activities on your store via real-time notification popups. Customers know what other people are buying on your store, so it creates trust and positive influence and it motivates them to buy your products.

Price: FREE

2. Consistent Cart, Abandoned Cart Emails & More

One thing that every store owner wants to avoid is an abandoned shopping cart. The worst case scenario of losing sales is when your customer places items in the cart, but decides to check out later. When he returns to the store, he finds the cart empty. Consistent Cart app saves all items in the cart when your customer is logged in and reduces the abandoned cart rate and supercharge your sales. One of the features is that as soon as someone adds-to-cart, they get a pop-up asking them to enter their email address to add it to cart.

Price: From $0.00 / month

3. Quick View by Secomapp

Quick view improves customer experience by quick product view and great support service. Let customers view the product information, add it to cart in a Fancybox popup on the category and homepage in one click.

Price: From $0.00 / month

4. Web Browser Push Notifications by FirePush

Track your customer's behaviour and whenever they abandon a cart, push a notification with a reminder or offer, helping you guarantee a sale every time. Web Push Notifications are immediate and web browser based so you can send promotions, recommend products, and make money while you sleep. Among the types of push notifications are e.g. cart abandonment pushes, order delivery notifications, price drop push, promo push, coupon code or welcome push.

Price: From $0.00 / month

5. Personalizer - Targeted Recommendations by LimeSpot

This apps creates Intelligent Recommendation Boxes that are placed in your store and showcase the products your specific customers are most likely to buy. Great tactic for boosting your sales is by analysing a robust dashboard where you can see how LimeSpot is performing. Customize the appearance to match your brand and use Recommendation Boxes on all pages.

Price: From $0.00 / month

6. Cross-Sell by Keeping Shop Ltd.

Cross-selling is a very effective sales tactic that allows you to relate products to each other in your store. Cross-Sell allows you to hand pick the related items that you would like to show alongside each product or product accessories. Display more relevant cross-sell buying options for your customers and gain better control over your related products.

Price: $9.99 / month

7. Yo - Display Recent Sales in Real Time

Yo gives your visitors the motivation and social proof to buy and creates live atmosphere in your online store. Do you want to know how? It displays recent orders on your site as little notifications. A time stamp says how long ago it was purchased. This app requires a monthly payment, although you can take advantage of their 14 day free trial.

Price: $6.99 / month

8. Recart - the new GhostMonitor

Increase your sales, capture and send emails and push notifications to all cart abandoners and convert them into customers. All-in-one with Recart app. Great feature of this app is that you can do cart monitoring, as well as automated editable email campaigns. Recart tracks emails from your list builder tools, your user logins and your checkout page.

Price: From $0.00 / month

9. Smart Upsells - Upsell by Surge Apps

This app monitors what is in a customer's cart and decides whether to show the upsell offer or not. An upsell offer is displayed through a popup window asking the customer to add another item to their cart.

Price: From $0.00 / month

10. ReCharge Recurring Billing & Subscriptions

Do you want to sell easily subscription products? Try ReCharge. This app brings the total package and is the #1 trusted Shopify subscription solution. You can empower your customers to order the products they love on a recurring basis and save or allow them to buy one time. Grow your sales through happy recurring customers.

Price: From $19.99 / month, although they offer a free trial for 90 days


Whether you want to boost sales by taking care of abandoned carts, recurring billing and subscriptions, smart upsells, motivational displays, cross-sells… you name it. Sky's the limit when it comes to Shopify sales apps in 2017. The best is to define the top 3 sales tactics and test apps which belong to the particular category. Have fun!

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