stock replenishment

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How stock-Outs influence your conversions and how to measure lost sales

For any successful retailer, optimizing operations and inventory must be a top priority to stay competitive. In countries with cutting edge e-commerce competition and existing third party pricing comparison websites, your customers can quickly compare offers between competing e-commerce stores. For example, when a customers finds an item on your store, it might take just a couple of seconds to check prices and availability of same item on other e-commerce stores. Beyond the (store) brand loyalty, most common factors influencing the purchase decision are price, availability,

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Stock replenishment tips for Shopify store managers

Does your Shopify store carry a large amounts of inventory? As a product or logistic manager you want to avoid the situation when you order too many products and thus freeze lot of money in stock. On the other hand, you want to avoid the opposite situation when you order too little stock and thus experience stock outs and the need to fill back orders. The ability to optimally replenish stock levels and plan inventory is unquestionably a very demanding skill, which is necessary to keep

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