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5 Types of Discount pricing strategies that work

When e-tailers are looking into their product marketing strategies, they often opt for discount pricing strategies. Especially at times when they are launching new products, getting rid of the old ones or boosting sales. Discount pricing strategies have been present in retail sectors for a long time. There are many different opinions on how to benefit from these strategies. Some marketers praise them and some advise not to use them in your sales or marketing plans. The most common concern when it comes to discounting, is

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7 tips to increase your sales with a dynamic pricing strategy

Have you thought about implementing a dynamic pricing strategy, yet aren’t sure how your e-shop sales will benefit? We wrote down some advice to help you understand dynamic pricing in more detail. With the rise of online business models and intelligence tools, companies around the world have found ways how to adjust prices by using different pricing strategies. Dynamic pricing is one of them. Long gone are the times when the only possibility of changing prices was by replacing physical price tags on products. E-commerce

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