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Upselling and cross-selling tips for growing e-commerce stores

Do you want to sell more to your existing customers and make more money? In this article we focus on benefits of popular upselling and cross-selling sale techniques, explain them in details, and most importantly give you tips on how to upsell and cross-sell so you can grow your revenue and profits. Benefits of upselling and cross-selling Classic upselling is when a sales person or an app offers you a more expensive product or service than the initial version. On vendor's side, the benefit of upselling

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List of most popular sale strategies used by Shopify retailers

Have you ever wondered which sale strategy works best? To help you find, we’ve analyzed the most popular sale strategies used by Shopify retailers. By analyzing numbers of reviews of various sale apps, we’ve been able to identify the most popular sale automation strategies. With the increasing popularity of Shopify ecommerce platform, demand and usage of apps which help boost sales also grows. We were curious about the most popular automation strategies to improve sales that were used by Shopify retailers in 2017, so

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