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How stock-Outs influence your conversions and how to measure lost sales

For any successful retailer, optimizing operations and inventory must be a top priority to stay competitive. In countries with cutting edge e-commerce competition and existing third party pricing comparison websites, your customers can quickly compare offers between competing e-commerce stores. For example, when a customers finds an item on your store, it might take just a couple of seconds to check prices and availability of same item on other e-commerce stores. Beyond the (store) brand loyalty, most common factors influencing the purchase decision are price, availability,

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Automatic price split tests for products and collections for Shopify stores

We've recently added an option to easily run price tests for a product or collection for Shopify e-commerce stores. With FutureMargin for Shopify, you can now easily run price tests spanning multiple variants and make sure all variants in a product or collection will keep the same price at all times. This is needed in many cases - especially in fashion, where it is common to have multiple variants of a single product spanning different sizes and colors. Now you can simply select your product or

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How to optimize pricing techniques for more conversions?

In the previous article about conversion rate optimization we focused on basic steps you should take to improve conversion rate on your website. We would now like to take this topic further and focus on the relationship between pricing techniques and conversion rate optimization. When optimizing your website design, colors, fonts and images, you should also include product price optimization techniques in designing your conversion funnels. Optimizing your pricing during the entire shopping process can be very beneficial for the whole store. Do you know how

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Start with a conversion rate optimization of your e-commerce in these 4 steps

To generate more sales, it pays off to focus on your website's current visitors rather than just driving expensive outreach and advertising campaigns to get more traffic. An adjustment of product images, sales copies, CTA re-design or simplifying your landing pages can increase sales and profits as well. These techniques belong to the world of conversion rate optimization. Here at FutureMargin we are big ambassadors of pricing strategy and price optimization, however we do believe that these strategies have to be balanced with general conversion rate

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