Best email marketing apps for Shopify in 2018

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Email marketing has been a trending topic and a successful marketing strategy helping entrepreneurs sell more for decades. Shopify e-commerce platform is no different and many store owners successfully utilize email marketing for sales and communications purposes.

Latest technologies brought us marketing automation and email marketing apps which help selling more. But which are the ones that are worth looking at?

In this article we describe benefits of email marketing and most importantly point out the best and most used and reviewed email marketing apps on Shopify in 2018.

Why using email marketing?

In times of ever changing relevance algorithms of social media news feeds and neverending lists of the “currently most effective promotional tools on the market”, email marketing is still a stable pillar of e-commerce sales and marketing strategies.

Communicating directly to your fans on Facebook or Instagram has become harder and unless you spend significant marketing budgets on social media advertising, you won't reach many fans and followers organically. High percentage of posts and campaigns get lost in cyberspace.

On the contrary, when you focus on building a solid email database of your existing or potential customers, you gain advantage of owning the email list so you don't have to worry about changing social media newsfeed algorithms.

The challenge with email marketing is that it is challenging to grow your list. Nobody wants to give their personal email address for free because they are concerned they might receive more spam emails into their inboxes.

Another challenge of running email marketing on your own is that it can be time consuming, unless you use marketing automation and apps effectively.

Benefits of using email marketing in e-commerce

We are big believers in automation tools and apps which can help rock your emails and their conversion rates. Here are fours main benefits of using email marketing tools:

1. Send converting emails

Convert visitors of your store into repeat customers by sending them emails which they find useful. Optimize emails with these steps: select a reliable email service, segment email addresses into groups, optimize your subject lines, write a catchy email copy, choose the best photography and add visible call to actions. Motivate people to respond as you imagined.

2. Automate your email options

Create relevant campaigns and instead of creating new ones manually, automate the whole process with marketing automation. Send welcome emails to new subscribers, wish them happy birthday, email them best offers or notify them about your upcoming discounts. Benefit from an on-going communication, engage with your target group and save your time for other projects.

3. Upsell and cross-sell using email marketing

Use promotional emails to upsell or cross-sell between different product categories or new items in your portfolio. Email marketing data history gives you a great base of knowledge about your customers. You can send an email promoting a complimentary product (e.g. a tie) just 7 days after the customer has purchased the first product at your store (e.g. a shirt).

4. Sell more

The ultimate goal of email marketing is to sell more products and services. Therefore you shouldn't forget including marketing automation and budgeting email marketing apps into your sales strategy.

List of best email marketing apps for Shopify in 2018

We believe in the voice of the Shopify community, so similarly to our previous app research, we looked at the number of people who engaged with different apps in the Shopify app store and left a review (Before February 2018). Based on the numbers of app reviews, we compiled a list of the most popular most reviewed email marketing apps for Shopify in 2018.

1. Privy - Free email popups with exit intent - 12486 reviews

Privy is an absolute winner as the most rated marketing app on Shopify that helps growing your email lists and sales with high converting pop-ups. Privy is trusted by over 200,000 businesses.
Price: From $0.00 / month

2. Recart - Messenger Marketing & Abandoned Cart Toolbox - 2147 reviews

Recart is the first Messenger Marketing app for Shopify and it also substitutes 6 different apps. It allows you to build a bigger, more engaged, and more profitable email list with the same pop-up.
Price: From $0.00 / month (28 day free trial)

3. Consistent Cart & Activity Monitor - 1584 reviews

Consistent Cart syncs your customer's carts across devices, allows you to view every single cart on your store in real time, reduces the abandon cart rate, and boost your sales.
Price: From $0.00 / month (Basic Consistent Cart is FREE and includes the Cart Sync and Cart Activity Monitor)

4. Free Pop Ups & Conversion Marketing Platform - 1475 reviews

Email pop-ups, exit pop-ups, mobile optimized pop-ups, cart and checkout abandonment offers, banners, bars and slide-Ins, as well as contests, all of the named is available via the app developed by Justuno.
Price: From $0.00 / month

5. Happy Email - 1468 reviews

Happy email helps creating a personal touch and gain customers trust by sending them a thank you email, just 30 minutes after they make their first purchase.
Price: FREE

6. Email Marketing by Omnisend - 1238 reviews

Single-click Shopify integration, ready-to-use email templates or automatic product import make the email marketing app by Omnisend one of the best and most wanted apps on the Shopify app market.
Price: From $0.00 / month (14 day free trial)

7. MailChimp for Shopify - 880 reviews

Connect your Shopify store to your MailChimp account and start sending targeted email campaigns based on the buyer's behavior.
Price: You can send 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers for free each month using MailChimp. For lists of more than 2,000 people, try MailChimp's monthly or pay-as-you-go pricing plans.

8. Kit - 802 reviews

Kit helps manage your social media ads (Instagram and Facebook), email marketing, and social posts to drive sales and grow your business.
Price: Kit is free. — Costs associated to Kit Skills powered by paid apps are extra. — Costs associated to running Facebook and Instagram ads are extra.

9. Email Marketing Automation by Conversio - 752 reviews

The users of this app by Conversio praise its simplicity to plug into an online store, ease of use, ability to create follow-up campaigns and a superb customer service. You can choose from various automated email options: Receipts, Follow-Up Emails, Abandoned Cart Emails and Newsletters.
Price: From $0.00 / month (30 day free trial)

10. Spently - Sell More with Custom Email Notifications - 264 reviews

Spently is a great app if you want to upsell some items. Insert Smart Upsells right in the emails your customers open the most.
Price: From $0.00 / month (14 day free trial)

Runner ups

We've identified further marketing tools which deserve a mention and are worth a try for any successful Shopify e-commerce retailer.

SmartrMail - Send personalized emails with recommendations - 86 reviews

SmartrMail enables you to send emails with personalized offers and automate the Welcome, Abandon cart, Cross-sell marketing flow. You can design emails using a visual email template editor. Personalized emails have higher conversions, bring more revenue and help your customers discover great products.
Price: From $29.00 / month (15 day free trial)


We hope that you enjoyed our list of best email marketing apps for Shopify in 2018 and that you will benefit from their use. We'll be monitoring different Shopify apps and update the list in the future. Let us know your thoughts and app preferences!

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