Automatic price split tests for products and collections for Shopify stores

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We've recently added an option to easily run price tests for a product or collection for Shopify e-commerce stores. With FutureMargin for Shopify, you can now easily run price tests spanning multiple variants and make sure all variants in a product or collection will keep the same price at all times.

This is needed in many cases - especially in fashion, where it is common to have multiple variants of a single product spanning different sizes and colors.

Now you can simply select your product or a collection, select a sequence of test prices and a price split test will be automatically performed by FutureMargin.

After the pricing test is completed, you can simply view the profit and sale conversion statistics for the tested prices in FutureMargin dashboard in the Price comparison screen.

Examples of use cases for product or collection price tests
  • Fashion items with multiple variants
  • A collection spanning multiple individual products, which all have the same cost
  • Food items with several flavors
  • Products which offer multiple colors or sizes