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Best email marketing apps for Shopify in 2018

Email marketing has been a trending topic and a successful marketing strategy helping entrepreneurs sell more for decades. Shopify e-commerce platform is no different and many store owners successfully utilize email marketing for sales and communications purposes. Latest technologies brought us marketing automation and email marketing apps which help selling more. But which are the ones that are worth looking at? In this article we describe benefits of email marketing and most importantly point out the best and most used and reviewed email marketing apps on

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Upselling and cross-selling tips for growing e-commerce stores

Do you want to sell more to your existing customers and make more money? In this article we focus on benefits of popular upselling and cross-selling sale techniques, explain them in details, and most importantly give you tips on how to upsell and cross-sell so you can grow your revenue and profits. Benefits of upselling and cross-selling Classic upselling is when a sales person or an app offers you a more expensive product or service than the initial version. On vendor's side, the benefit of upselling

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List of most popular sale strategies used by Shopify retailers

Have you ever wondered which sale strategy works best? To help you find, we’ve analyzed the most popular sale strategies used by Shopify retailers. By analyzing numbers of reviews of various sale apps, we’ve been able to identify the most popular sale automation strategies. With the increasing popularity of Shopify ecommerce platform, demand and usage of apps which help boost sales also grows. We were curious about the most popular automation strategies to improve sales that were used by Shopify retailers in 2017, so

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Stock replenishment tips for Shopify store managers

Does your Shopify store carry a large amounts of inventory? As a product or logistic manager you want to avoid the situation when you order too many products and thus freeze lot of money in stock. On the other hand, you want to avoid the opposite situation when you order too little stock and thus experience stock outs and the need to fill back orders. The ability to optimally replenish stock levels and plan inventory is unquestionably a very demanding skill, which is necessary to keep

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How to optimize pricing techniques for more conversions?

In the previous article about conversion rate optimization we focused on basic steps you should take to improve conversion rate on your website. We would now like to take this topic further and focus on the relationship between pricing techniques and conversion rate optimization. When optimizing your website design, colors, fonts and images, you should also include product price optimization techniques in designing your conversion funnels. Optimizing your pricing during the entire shopping process can be very beneficial for the whole store. Do you know how

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Start with a conversion rate optimization of your e-commerce in these 4 steps

To generate more sales, it pays off to focus on your website's current visitors rather than just driving expensive outreach and advertising campaigns to get more traffic. An adjustment of product images, sales copies, CTA re-design or simplifying your landing pages can increase sales and profits as well. These techniques belong to the world of conversion rate optimization. Here at FutureMargin we are big ambassadors of pricing strategy and price optimization, however we do believe that these strategies have to be balanced with general conversion rate

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