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How stock-Outs influence your conversions and how to measure lost sales

For any successful retailer, optimizing operations and inventory must be a top priority to stay competitive. In countries with cutting edge e-commerce competition and existing third party pricing comparison websites, your customers can quickly compare offers between competing e-commerce stores. For example, when a customers finds an item on your store, it might take just a couple of seconds to check prices and availability of same item on other e-commerce stores. Beyond the (store) brand loyalty, most common factors influencing the purchase decision are price, availability,

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Automatic price split tests for products and collections for Shopify stores

We've recently added an option to easily run price tests for a product or collection for Shopify e-commerce stores. With FutureMargin for Shopify, you can now easily run price tests spanning multiple variants and make sure all variants in a product or collection will keep the same price at all times. This is needed in many cases - especially in fashion, where it is common to have multiple variants of a single product spanning different sizes and colors. Now you can simply select your product or

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Automatic product price testing for Shopify stores

Recently we've rolled out a new feature to our Shopify app to make price testing for Shopify shop owners easier and quicker. Product price optimization and price testing involves introducing multiple price points for a variant, running pricing tests and evaluating profit results. With our price testing functionality, you can just simply enter a list of test prices for a variant, and FutureMargin app does all the price setting and test running automatically for you in the background. The testing period for each of the price

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Top 10 Shopify Apps To Help Your Sales In 2017

We have recently made a list of the top 10 Shopify marketing apps in 2017 to grow your store. The natural step is to give you an overview of the most popular Shopify apps from the sales category. Shopify sales apps are fantastic tools to motivate purchases, recover abandoned carts and make them consistent, push notifications, do cross-sells, or create subscription programs. All of this is to ultimately boost your sales and profit. Top 10 Shopify Sales Apps In 2017 1. Sales Pop Shopify Sales App

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Top 10 Shopify Marketing Apps To Earn More In 2017

Shopify apps can powerfully boost your ecommerce store and the only thing that you have to do is choose the right ones. How can you select the best ones among 1400+ apps in the Shopify App Store? We had a look at Shopify App Store and we made a list of the most popular Shopify's marketing and sales apps in 2017. In this article we focus on the most popular Shopify marketing apps so you can attract new visitors, optimize pages, engage customers, build email lists

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Pricing trends: How to create dynamic pricing strategy on Shopify?

The ways in which customers shop these days and how businesses sell their products and services online have significantly changed over the past 10 years. Every year we see a new trend in e-commerce that influences billions of customers and business strategies. Shopify online store owners shouldn’t miss out on the following trends and it is important to pinpoint the ones that can increase their sales and profits. Online retail has become very flexible due to new advances in technology and platforms. One of the

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