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How seasonality influences your e-shop's revenue

As a CEO or a product manager of a company you want to understand how seasonal demand affects your business. There can be moments when you experience drop in sales and as a result your profit drops. Instead of running static campaigns to improve your sales, try predicting the market demands with seasonality in mind. Difference between seasonality and economic trends Before we dive into the ways how seasonality influences your e-shop's revenue, let's look at the basic terminology. Seasonality is a predictable period lasting a

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How to use a price optimization software for your online Shopify store?

Have you thought about implementing a price optimization software, yet aren’t sure how your Shopify store will benefit? The investment into a price optimization solution can be a significant one, thus you have to be sure that you're doing the right thing. It's not only about the decision on which pricing solution to buy, but mostly about knowing how to implement it and use it for your day to day business. We would like to share some insights and show you, how you can benefit

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How to identify price increase opportunities?

When was the last time you increased the prices of your products or services? It could be about time to identify your price increase opportunities. This topic is one of the most challenging product marketing and pricing topics. A common belief of business owners or entrepreneurs is that by increasing prices they make their customers angry or in the worst case scenario, lose them. We all know however, that it is standard practice that wages, petrol prices or other costs go up in business. The bottom

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5 Types of Discount pricing strategies that work

When e-tailers are looking into their product marketing strategies, they often opt for discount pricing strategies. Especially at times when they are launching new products, getting rid of the old ones or boosting sales. Discount pricing strategies have been present in retail sectors for a long time. There are many different opinions on how to benefit from these strategies. Some marketers praise them and some advise not to use them in your sales or marketing plans. The most common concern when it comes to discounting, is

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