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Start with a conversion rate optimization of your e-commerce in these 4 steps

To generate more sales, it pays off to focus on your website's current visitors rather than just driving expensive outreach and advertising campaigns to get more traffic. An adjustment of product images, sales copies, CTA re-design or simplifying your landing pages can increase sales and profits as well. These techniques belong to the world of conversion rate optimization. Here at FutureMargin we are big ambassadors of pricing strategy and price optimization, however we do believe that these strategies have to be balanced with general conversion rate

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Trends in product pricing in 2017

Optimal product pricing is an important key goal for all businesses around the world. Simple business rule says that when you price your products optimally, you will generate more profits. In 2017 we continue to see the trend that more businesses incorporate new data analytics tools for monitoring and combining heterogeneous business data. We prepared a list of product pricing industry trends based on our experience and work with e-commerce retailers. Working with user metrics in mind is one of our core values for creating a

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How seasonality influences your e-shop's revenue

As a CEO or a product manager of a company you want to understand how seasonal demand affects your business. There can be moments when you experience drop in sales and as a result your profit drops. Instead of running static campaigns to improve your sales, try predicting the market demands with seasonality in mind. Difference between seasonality and economic trends Before we dive into the ways how seasonality influences your e-shop's revenue, let's look at the basic terminology. Seasonality is a predictable period lasting a

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Top 10 most popular apps on Shopify (update in August 2017)

In previous articles we looked at the Top 10 Shopify Marketing Apps To Earn More In 2017 and Top 10 Shopify Apps To Help Your Sales In 2017. In this article we provide a list ofmost popular apps for driving your overall Shopify e-commerce store performance. Shopify app store offers ever increasing number of apps that serve these e-commerce categories: Product sourcing, Marketing, Sales, Social media, Shipping, Inventory, Accounting, Customer service, Reporting, Tools and Sales Channels. As you can imagine, with such a big offer of

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